A Piece of the Solution: Put the PIE Back in PIES

A Better Allocation Means PIES for Everyone

Several of the recommendations put forth by the Future Organizational Alternatives document (which was issued in tandem with the demographic study) include the reapportionment of Partners-In-Education (PIE) classes.  Two call for the outright closure of PIES.  What none of them calls for is reapportioning classes in such a way as to help keep PIES open.  In an email conversation I had with a very knowledgeable source inside the school, the following ideas were floated.  Again, these are the kinds of alternatives we need to come up with to offer as a competing strategy.  Click “continue reading” for the details.

Consider the following:

-Beginning this year, the district consolidated all the 5 sections of PIE at Sanfordville (SES) this school year, using up all the remaining classrooms at SES, thus they can’t rent out any more rooms to BOCES, etc.

– They also moved one section of 4th and 5th special education to PIES but left the kindergarten and grades 1, 2 and 3 special education classes at SES

– If they opted to bring all PIE and special education classes back to PIES we would be at full capacity of space utilization. We have rooms to fit them, those kids would have a continuum of years at PIES, and SES would gain at least two more rooms for BOCES to rent (the financial incentive). 

– Take it one step further and redistrict some SES to Park Avenue School and there would be even more rooms to generate income for the district. 

There is synergy in this plan beyond just boosting revenues.  SES is a much more attractive site for BOCES, because it’s all one floor, and many of their students have difficulty with stairs, elevators, etc.


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