PIE Demonstrators Sign Up


Save Pine Island Elementary

Progressive Warwick user TED and I are launching a campaign to raise local awareness of the unspoken (but very real) plan to shutter Pine Island Elementary School at the end of the 2010-2011 school year.  Our plan is simple:

Inform local parents and other Warwickians concerned with maintaining the quality of our public education so that we can exert sufficient pressure on our elected officials and school board members to keep this top performing school in operation for future generations of Pine Islanders.

If you email your name and email address (and phone number if you wish) to me at antonrobb@yahoo.com or post them in the comments section below, we will use the information to contact you in advance of when there will be local public events where we can raise the profile of this issue.  I will be creating some signage for demonstration and ask you to do the same.  Then, as local events come up, we will contact you to let you know when and where we plan to assemble and make our voices heard.  We will not use your contact information for any other purpose!  If you have more questions you’d like answered about this strategy before you decide to provide your contact info, please reach out to me at antonrobb@yahoo.com and we can chat about it.  Let’s save PIE!


10 responses to “PIE Demonstrators Sign Up

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  2. TED

    The Warwick Farmers Market is now open, Sundays for the rest of the season. The market managers husband is (was) a PIE teacher and has first hand knowledge of the districts budgetary solutions. If someone wanted to circulate fliers or pamphlets RE: PIE, I’m quite sure she would allow it.

    • TED

      I guess I should clarify. *sigh*
      The PIE I refer to here is Pine Island Elementary….although I could have used the acronym interchangeably (with Partners in Education) in this case.

  3. I just stumbled upon this blog and wanted to comment. I have been a Warwick resident for 25 years and both of my children went to PIE (and one through the PIE Program when it was still in PIE). The threats of closing this school have been ongoing over the last several years. It seems like more of a reality now, unfortunately, which would be a true detriment to our community. Since I haven’t heard any news lately regarding this issue, I was hoping you could fill me in on what the status is. If there is any way for me to be part of saving PIE, I’d like to try. you can contact me via e-mail, kim.starks@randrealty.com.

  4. Chrissy

    Can I use your beautiful picture of PIE at sunrise on my save PIE Facebook Page?

  5. Martha

    Thanks for setting up this page. My daughter is a student at PIE and we would be heartbroken if the school closed.

  6. Michael Hennessy

    This is not only a Pine Island issue. If the Pine Island students have to be relocated to Sandfordville, some Sandfordville students will be forced to be relocated to Park which will cause some Park students to be relocated to Kings. Students will be spending alot more time on school buses. In a weather effected environment like Warwick isn’t it a smart idea to keep their bus time limited. Wake up Dr. Bryant or you will be looking for a new job in 2012.

  7. Gail Beck

    I not only work at PIE, I am also a Pine Islander. Two of my grandchildren went PIE. This school is Pine Island, and I will be honored to help in any way to keep our school open. Please keep me informed.

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