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Another District’s Story *UPDATED*

Inattention to Budget Numbers Can Have Unthinkable Consequences!

Greetings. Over the jump (click continue reading) read the story of Sullivan West’s issues in 2005 when unchecked financial assumptions led to the choice between closing two schools or an insanely high tax levy. The story from the Times Herald-Record’s Steve Israel demonstrates what can happen when taxpayers and parents aren’t paying close enough attention to the budgets (and the assumptions used to derive the budgets) put forward by the district administration. I am not convinced that all the numbers and assumptions used to arrive at the current proposal for WVUSD are valid. We are not given very much time to investigate, and the district’s co-operation in terms of providing access to the required data has so far, been less than forthcomingDr. Bryant has informed the Parents Information Network (PIN) that the assorted financial documents and transportation data will be made available by tomorrow (Friday the 17th).  Also, the last four years’ worth of budgets and audits have been uploaded to the district site here.  Read the tale from Sullivan West and ask yourself if you think that sort of thing couldn’t happen here in Warwick? Continue reading


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Bye-Bye PIE (Pine Island Elementary)?

Will the sun set on Pine Island Elementary After This Year?

My child starts kindergarten at Pine Island Elementary in September.  I bought my home in Warwick six years ago, specifically to start a family and to have my child attend what my research indicated was among the best public elementary schools in the state of New York.  So you can imagine how distraught I was to hear that Pine Island Elementary school was going to be shuttered.  I heard this from several friends who are teachers and service employees at the school.   So I wrote to Ray Bryant, the Warwick school’s superintendent to ask what could be done to avoid the closure.  Mr. Bryant responded quickly to assure me that what I had heard was not true and that no plans were in the offing to close Pine Island Elementary.  Follow me over the fold for the content of my correspondence with Mr. Bryant, more evidence that seems to contradict his claims and for a case study into the devastating effects of school closures on small communities such as Pine Island. Continue reading


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