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Call Dr. Bryant and Email All Board Members TODAY!

I received an email from a parent who attended a school concert last night informing me that Ray Bryant took to the stage to suggest that he was considering changing the date of the BOE meeting currently scheduled for Monday, December 20 to Saturday, Dec. 18 in the afternoon.  This seems like a calculated attempt to depress turnout at the meeting by creating confusion and changing to a day when fewer people may be able to attend.   A good deal of publicity has already been done to advertise the 12/20 date including  more than 500 flyers that have already been distributed to parents.  Today, let’s flood the phone lines and jam the email boxes of the BOE calling on them to leave the meeting date as it stands, 12/20 in the evening.  The numbers and emails you need are over the fold (click “continue reading”).  Take a minute to make a few calls/emails today! Continue reading



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Agenda for Wed. Night’s Emergency PTA Meeting

Solidarity despite the chilly winds.

This information just came to me via email form Patrick and Lisa Cunningham.

In an effort to stay organized for Wednesday night we would like to propose a high level agenda for the meeting. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of current efforts (just to name a few)
    1. Petition
    2. Letter to residents and business owners
    3. Pine Island Chamber of Commerce support
    4. Pine Island Fire Department support
    5. PLAV Post 16 support
    6. Blogs and other postings
  3. Presentation
    1. John Ruszkiewicz, for WVCSD School Board member (from the 1980s), and president of the Drowned Lands Historical Society will be joining us for the meeting on Wed. He has very valuable insight into the current environment, which parallels the conditions of the early 1980s, when John served on the BOE.
  4. Discussion and Ideas
  5. Set Strategy
  6. Wrap-up 

Bring the kids – 4 WVHS students have volunteered to watch the kids while the parents meet. (Thanks to Sondra, Tara, and Nancy for coordinating.)

Also, here’s the link to the article about this issue in today’s Times Herald-Record.  It was cold out, but we looked good in the picture!

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A Viable Alternative

We Must Offer a Clear Counter-Strategy

It occured to me during a discussion with Jerry Zimmerman, that it is not going to be enough for us to simply make a unified show of protest over the proposed closure of PIES. At the end of the day, no matter how much we protest, the BOE is going to have to do something to address the budgetary issues that are at the root of this whole problem.  What we need to do as a unified front, is publicize an ALTERNATIVE strategy to the broader Warwick Valley community.  We need to clearly demonstrate to our neighbors that there is an alternative to closing PIES and why the alternative makes more sense.  Jerry offered a strategy I think fits the bill click “continue reading” to see the details of this alternative plan. Continue reading


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This Is Happening to Our Neighbors

I grow my own eggs and they taste great!  I know what my birds eat and none of it is scary.  I have never gotten sick once.  Would I enjoy raw milk?  Sure!  Should I worry about it being safe?  The FDA says I should.  They say it can kill me!  But that’s what we refer to here at Progressive Warwick as booo-sheeit!  So why does the FDA want to scare Americans from buying raw milk and paying directly to the producer?  Hmmm.  I wonder. 

Great diary today I found at DailyKos today by a fellow named Jud Lounsbury about the plight of dairy farmers and how the FDA seems to be working against them. I know there are dairy farmers in Warwick that are feeling the pain of this game which is intentionally stacked against them. Read Jud’s diary here.


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Save PIE Action Plan

Please Sign Up to Be Informed of Ongoing Local Demonstrations

Please Sign Up to Be Informed of Ongoing Local Demonstrations

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the rumors surrounding plans to close Pine Island Elementary School.  Since then, I have received a good deal of interest in what we can do to keep that myopic plan from becoming a reality.  So I am launching a Save PIE Demonstration Plan.  I have created a new page here (and also available through the top navigation bar) with all the info on what we can do and how you can help.  Please take a minute to read it and leave us your contact info so we can mobilize together to save this gem of a school.

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Warwick Views and the BP Gulf Disaster

Click on image to see animation showing spill's spread through gulf

I have been sickened over the past 10 days watching the slow motion environmental armageddon play out in the Gulf of Mexico.  The “drill baby drill” set has been deafeningly silent on this realization of their opponent’s arguments against allowing offshore drilling on our coasts.  Well, almost silent.  Rush Limbaugh barfed forth the idiotic notion that the rig had been sabotaged by radical environmentalists to make the point that offshore drilling is dangerous and an unsustainable energy practice.  At any rate, it occured to me that the same kind of perfunctory regard for environmental planning that allows for dangerous drilling in pristine environments is at work on a local level with the Warwick Views development project.  Follow me over the fold for the correlation and discussion on whether we can avoid reproducing here in Warwick the same myopic, profit-driven ethics that have likely destroyed the entire Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s News, Today!

My Zero Emissions Time Machine

My Time Machine Runs on Weak Tea

So Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announces his plan to retire after 35 years of service.  President Obama will nominate a replacement for Stevens.   And even though Stevens is a liberal, the court is, in its current composition, already dominated by a majority of conservatives.  Replacing him with another liberal changes nothing in terms of the court’s ideological balance.  Yet, you can be sure the repub’s will freak out

One of my favorite diarists at Dkos, brooklynbadboy, wrote this list of republican talking points to illustrate how no matter who Obama nominates, the response will be the same.    Read them and then wait until Obama names his nominee and marvel at – news from the futuuuuure! Tomorrow’s news, today, after the jump.

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