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Another District’s Story *UPDATED*

Inattention to Budget Numbers Can Have Unthinkable Consequences!

Greetings. Over the jump (click continue reading) read the story of Sullivan West’s issues in 2005 when unchecked financial assumptions led to the choice between closing two schools or an insanely high tax levy. The story from the Times Herald-Record’s Steve Israel demonstrates what can happen when taxpayers and parents aren’t paying close enough attention to the budgets (and the assumptions used to derive the budgets) put forward by the district administration. I am not convinced that all the numbers and assumptions used to arrive at the current proposal for WVUSD are valid. We are not given very much time to investigate, and the district’s co-operation in terms of providing access to the required data has so far, been less than forthcomingDr. Bryant has informed the Parents Information Network (PIN) that the assorted financial documents and transportation data will be made available by tomorrow (Friday the 17th).  Also, the last four years’ worth of budgets and audits have been uploaded to the district site here.  Read the tale from Sullivan West and ask yourself if you think that sort of thing couldn’t happen here in Warwick? Continue reading


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Cautionary Tales

Demographic Studies Aren't Iron Clad - Warwick is Ripe for Growth Once Economy Improves!

The California School Board Association has faced budgetary shortfalls that prompted calls to close schools in many districts.  From their publication, School Board News Today, I gleaned the following quotes that support the notion that it is unwise to consider demographic studies as definitive or iron-clad in their findings.  Here’s the relevant quote:

He [San Jose Unified Superintendent Don Iglesias] also recommended that LEAs resist the temptation to raise some quick money by selling facilities. Predicting demographics and future student enrollment is an imprecise science; there’s no telling when changes in birth rates and housing patterns may transform a declining enrollment district into one that needs to open new schools.

Hans Johnson, education analyst and demographer at the Public Policy Institute of California, says districts need to keep their options open. “A district does not want to be in a position of closing a school and having to turn around a few years later and open a new one because there’s been an unexpected boom in school-age population,” he says.

To read the entire article, click this link.

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Call Dr. Bryant and Email All Board Members TODAY!

I received an email from a parent who attended a school concert last night informing me that Ray Bryant took to the stage to suggest that he was considering changing the date of the BOE meeting currently scheduled for Monday, December 20 to Saturday, Dec. 18 in the afternoon.  This seems like a calculated attempt to depress turnout at the meeting by creating confusion and changing to a day when fewer people may be able to attend.   A good deal of publicity has already been done to advertise the 12/20 date including  more than 500 flyers that have already been distributed to parents.  Today, let’s flood the phone lines and jam the email boxes of the BOE calling on them to leave the meeting date as it stands, 12/20 in the evening.  The numbers and emails you need are over the fold (click “continue reading”).  Take a minute to make a few calls/emails today! Continue reading


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A Piece of the Solution: Put the PIE Back in PIES

A Better Allocation Means PIES for Everyone

Several of the recommendations put forth by the Future Organizational Alternatives document (which was issued in tandem with the demographic study) include the reapportionment of Partners-In-Education (PIE) classes.  Two call for the outright closure of PIES.  What none of them calls for is reapportioning classes in such a way as to help keep PIES open.  In an email conversation I had with a very knowledgeable source inside the school, the following ideas were floated.  Again, these are the kinds of alternatives we need to come up with to offer as a competing strategy.  Click “continue reading” for the details. Continue reading

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It’s On! Organize Here to Save Pine Island Elementary

We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night!

I had let this blog fall silent over the last six months or so as I have been occupied in other areas.  But the recent bomb dropped on our community by Ray Bryant and the BOE has forced this site back into service.  I will be updating posts and moderating comments in real time going forward until such time as we persevere in saving the jewel in the crown of Warwick’s public primary education system.  We will not be shuttered without a fight!   Check here for all the latest information on meetings, rallies and other opportunities to show our strength in solidarity and numbers. 

I know the holidays are upon us which will make it all the more difficult to carve out the time to make ourselves heard.  I suspect this was by design.  But we have to carve out the time to show them that this injustice will not be snuck in the back door while no one is looking.

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