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Cautionary Tales

Demographic Studies Aren't Iron Clad - Warwick is Ripe for Growth Once Economy Improves!

The California School Board Association has faced budgetary shortfalls that prompted calls to close schools in many districts.  From their publication, School Board News Today, I gleaned the following quotes that support the notion that it is unwise to consider demographic studies as definitive or iron-clad in their findings.  Here’s the relevant quote:

He [San Jose Unified Superintendent Don Iglesias] also recommended that LEAs resist the temptation to raise some quick money by selling facilities. Predicting demographics and future student enrollment is an imprecise science; there’s no telling when changes in birth rates and housing patterns may transform a declining enrollment district into one that needs to open new schools.

Hans Johnson, education analyst and demographer at the Public Policy Institute of California, says districts need to keep their options open. “A district does not want to be in a position of closing a school and having to turn around a few years later and open a new one because there’s been an unexpected boom in school-age population,” he says.

To read the entire article, click this link.


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Call Dr. Bryant and Email All Board Members TODAY!

I received an email from a parent who attended a school concert last night informing me that Ray Bryant took to the stage to suggest that he was considering changing the date of the BOE meeting currently scheduled for Monday, December 20 to Saturday, Dec. 18 in the afternoon.  This seems like a calculated attempt to depress turnout at the meeting by creating confusion and changing to a day when fewer people may be able to attend.   A good deal of publicity has already been done to advertise the 12/20 date including  more than 500 flyers that have already been distributed to parents.  Today, let’s flood the phone lines and jam the email boxes of the BOE calling on them to leave the meeting date as it stands, 12/20 in the evening.  The numbers and emails you need are over the fold (click “continue reading”).  Take a minute to make a few calls/emails today! Continue reading


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Warwick Views and the BP Gulf Disaster

Click on image to see animation showing spill's spread through gulf

I have been sickened over the past 10 days watching the slow motion environmental armageddon play out in the Gulf of Mexico.  The “drill baby drill” set has been deafeningly silent on this realization of their opponent’s arguments against allowing offshore drilling on our coasts.  Well, almost silent.  Rush Limbaugh barfed forth the idiotic notion that the rig had been sabotaged by radical environmentalists to make the point that offshore drilling is dangerous and an unsustainable energy practice.  At any rate, it occured to me that the same kind of perfunctory regard for environmental planning that allows for dangerous drilling in pristine environments is at work on a local level with the Warwick Views development project.  Follow me over the fold for the correlation and discussion on whether we can avoid reproducing here in Warwick the same myopic, profit-driven ethics that have likely destroyed the entire Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

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Action Needed: Write Planning Board to Stop Irresponsible Development


77 New Homes is Too Many

The below is an email I received, circulated by Wendy Schlesinger regarding the past week’s town board meeting to discuss the proposed Warwick Views development.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended last Thursday’s Town Board.  For those of you unable to attend, we wrote up meeting notes related to the proposal made by John Capello ESQ, Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, Attorneys representing Warwick Views, LLC. 

We encourage all concerned citizens of Warwick, NY to review the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Study) and submit written comment to the Town Planning Board no later than March 17th, 2010.

To view the most recent information and documentation on the proposed Warwick Views, LLC clustered development please go to http://www.warwickviews.com

Follow over the fold for the rest of the Town Board Meeting Notes. Continue reading

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Help Stop Warwick Views

I received the following in an email from Wendy Schlesinger, a concerned Warwickian.  The proposal to build this development will have seriously negative consequences for local aquifers to say nothing of the impact on other quality of life issues surrounding the introduction of another 80 households into the local school systems and other public arenas.

Citizens of Warwick, NY listen up!

The Town Planning Board of Warwick, NY is on a fast track to approve a development project that will convert a rural setting into an instant suburb with 77 new homes.

  • The Warwick Views LLC. Development project is a clustered subdivision of 53 homes, located off of Blooms Corner’s Road and situated in the precious wetlands of the Walkill River Basin whose streams flow out to both the Quaker and Pochuck Creeks. This proposal, in conjunction with the already approved Luft Farm development, brings the total to 77 homes.
  • This is some of the most critical land in Warwick with one of the deepest and most plentiful aquifers on the east coast complete with Federally protected wetlands.
  • The Town Planning board is forcing the developer to increase the amount of homes for this development in order to allow the introduction of community septic and community water facilities into their proposal – a first of its kind for Warwick.

If you are concerned about overdevelopment in Warwick, NY, please do the following:

1.      Read more about the Warwick Views plans at www.warwickviews.com

2.      Attend the Town Board meeting on March 11th @ 7:00 PM which will include Warwick Views, LLC engineer Kirk Rother requesting approval for community septic and community water facilities as part of their proposal.

3.      Review the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Study) and submit written comment to the Town Planning Board by March 17th, 2010.

Please do your part before it is too late.

What is your View?



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